Monday, April 07, 2008

What a day!

I just can't get over the amazing work, power and grace of our God. Our Awesome God. He reveals Himself time and time again through people I dont even know personally, and today was one of those days, I saw a puzzle piece fit into the entire puzzle. Piece # 18762 Im not quite sure how many pieces make up this puzzle, but what God is showing me (thanks Olga!) is that we might not see the entire puzzle, but we rejoice when we see that we are apart of a piece fitting in, just perfectly so, into the divine vision, the purpose of it all. Its not about places, or things, or even time. Its about the purpose of why we were created. Why were you created? ********************************** We are made in the likeness of God. OF GOD the creator of the universe! Now, wrap your heads around that one! He(God) just WOWed me today with sharing how He has revealed Himself to other believers with the same vision that we (our house church) have received. We are apart of a bigger picture and when you understand that, fully, in your innermost being, all the other "stuff" is just small stuff. thank you jesus

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